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mieles del sur

Amongst the rain forests of the south of the world, in the Rivers and Lakes and regions where Chilean Patagonia begins, live the beekeepers of the Cooperative “Mieles del Sur".


Founded in 2007, the Cooperative forms a link between its members , all small beekeepers of the Rivers and Lakes regions of the south of Chile, and the national and international markets.Our mission is to add value to their honeys, through certification of the botanical and geographic origin, and good labeling with detailed information for the consumer.

Our honeys flow from the native and wild flora of the evergreen forests and pastures of the southern Andes, in areas free from industrial contamination and commercial crops.


From the native and wild flora of the northern zone of Chilean Patagoniaa Where there are no GMO crops, industrial agricultural or other contaminating activities..


Each batch comes from one beekeeper, one apiary and one harvest, and is analysed to determine its botanical and geographic origin. Its origin can be traced at any time.


Certified by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile under Chilean Norm NCh2981.012005. Quality honeys ready for export that comply with the highest standards..


Honeys with special territorial characteristics. Produced by small scale farmers and their families, with the warmth and passion for bees of the people of the south of Chile.

products description

The honeys come from the native and wild flora of the northern zone of Chilean Patagonia, which consist of a wide variety of species producing nectar (both from trees, bushes and wild flowers) that are not present in other parts of the world. Also, the majority of these species produce nectar containing important functional properties, including proven antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal activity.


Enjoy our products in their different packaging, in glass jar or in PET plastic.

our variety of products

Ulmo Honey

The “Ulmo” tree is an endemic species of the sub Antarctic forests, that grows mainly in the Andes and coastal ranges between latitudes 40 and 47, up to altitudes of 700m. Ulmo honey has a characteristic taste of fruit and bitter almonds, with a fresh aroma and smooth texture which gives a sensation of “fondant” due to its very fine crystals. The colour is extra light ambar, but varies (becoming lighter or darker) according to the accompanying species. It is a valuable functional food due to its proven antibacterial properties.


The tree known as “Tiaca” is also an endemic species associated with others belonging to the group “Selva Valdiviana”. Honey from its nectar has a light and fruity taste, and a faint aroma of mint. The colour is extra light ambar, and its texture very smooth due to its fine crystals. Tiaca honey is recognized internationally for its excellent quality and has won important national and international honey contests.

Alfalfa Chilota Honey

“Alfalfa chilota” is a bright yellow wild flower which grows on the edges of woodland and pastures in the south of Chile. The honey from its abundant nectar has a fruity flavor and fine crystals. The colour ranges from light to extra light ambar, according to the accompanying species and the date of harvest. In some seasons this species is also present in multifloral honeys from grasslands, or combined with another species (tiaca or ulmo), in bifloral honeys.

Multifloral Honey

The floral sources of these honeys are the grasslands and native forests of the south of Chile. They are produced in rural areas with abundance of wild flowers together with native trees producing nectar, where no single species predominates. 

our Partner

in USA

Our Partner Atlas Eats is comercialized our products in U.S.A. For more information visit:


Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Rogers, Arkansas.

Bentonville, Arkansas.

Little Rock, Arkansas.

Stores in Chile

Cosecha Justa

Address: Av. Providencia 2550, local 60, Providencia, Santiago.

La Bodeguita
de San Pablo

Address: San Pablo 2462, entre García Reyes y General Bulnes, metro estación Cumming, Santiago.
Phone: +562 2699 6829

La Dispensa

Address: San Bernardo 555, Puerto Varas.
Phone: +56 984476046

Puerto Verde

Address: Walker Martínez 350, Puerto Varas.
Phone: +569 88276530

Pulpería del Dinamarquero

Address: O"Higgins 694-B, casi esquina con Ignacio Carrera Pinto, Punta Arenas. Phone: +56 9254 7943

Arrebol Artesanías

Address: Hotel Cumbres de Puerto Varas.
Av. Imperial 0561.
Phone: +56 65 222 2160

Trapanada Gourmet

Address: Egaña 51, frente Mall Costanera,
Puerto Montt.
Phone: +56 9 9822 7103

Solo Natural

Address: Illapel 81, Local 18 piso 2 - Galería Centro Nuevo Puerto Montt.
Phone: +56 9 7498 9004

Laguna Curama

Address: Avda. Universidad 134 Local 1, Edificio Mirador de Curauma, Valparaíso

Amores y Sabores

Address: 7980, Diagonal Bilbao. Santiago

Pargua Gourmet

Address: Avda. Italia 1194. Providencia. Santiago.

Tienda INDAP Mundo Rural

Address: Palacio La Moneda Plaza la Ciudadanía. N 26 Piso 1
Phone: +56 951197302

Tienda INDAP Mundo Rural

Address: Metro Escuela Militar

Tienda INDAP Mundo Rural

Address: Vega Monumental Local 67. Concepción.

Cooperativa Folil Araucanía

Address: Local 3073 Portal Temuco Av. Alemania # 0671. Temuco.
Phone: +56 45 2401297​

Aldea Artesanal

Address: Ramírez 650, OF. 300, 3° piso Edificio Cine Lido, Osorno.
Phone: +56 64 223 5008

Casa del Café SPA

Address: Freire 807.
Local 2 - Osorno.


Address: Angamos 445.
La Union.

Tierra Sur

Address: Feria De Verano Frutillar Bajo.
Phone: +56 9 74980406 +56 930515118

Almacen Huguito

Address: Cristino Winkler. N* 400 Frutillar Alto.

Tienda Patrimonio

Address: Philippi 883, Casa Verde Patrimonial Frente Al Piano En Costanera, Frutillar.
Phone: +56 9 74980406 +56 930515118

Tienda Tierra Sur

Address: Calle Cristino Winkler 437 Local 8, Nueva Galeria Winkler, Frutillar.

Alma Sureña

Address: Local 4 Galeria Real. San Pedro 519 Local N° 7, Puerto Varas.
Teléfono: +56 9 74980406

Tienda Artesanías
y Regalos

Address: Calle Del Salvador 250 L.4 Edificio Doña Natalia., Puerto Varas.
Teléfono: +56 9 74980406

Solo Natural

Address: Nueva Galería, Antonio Varas N° 203 Piso 2, Local 18, Puerto Montt. Teléfono: +56 9 74989004

Tienda Puranprem

Address: Valle Volcanes 4a Terraza 5001 Local 10.
Puerto Montt.
Teléfono: +56 9 98634556


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Our extraction and bottling plant is authorized for the national and international markets. This enables us to access the most exigent markets, and comply with high quality standards.

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